We help

Integrate environmental issues into management practices, developing training plans with managers and making sustainability a part of working language.

We develop

Internal Control Reports. Design processes; check lists, and documents to facilitate administrative monitoring in environmental behavior.

We identify

Applicable environmental legislation in line with the company’s sector. We prepare reports on levels of compliance and gaps to be addressed.

We develop

Continuous environmental improvement plans. The starting point is an assessment of the internal commitment and the company’s state of the art in environmental attitudes.

We prepare and recommend

Documentary filings to satisfy any regulatory inspection. We advise on preparation of all necessary records, operational controls, parameters, sampling, reports etc. to be in place at any time.

We provide advisory

in selection of environmental service contractors. We offer our knowledge in the market to help define specific suppliers.

Legal and Engineering Advisory

For any contingency, and proper defense in the event of litigation (in both civil and environmental courts). We develop “Compliance Programs” following Environmental Superintendency (SMA) inspections and requirements from other governmental institutions.

We provide advisory services

In establishing the corporate environmental risk matrix. In conjunction with managers, and from a strategic perspective, we assist in detecting risk areas with a preventive approach.

We develop

Comprehensive action plans that assure compliance with regulations and specific mandatory Environmental Qualification Resolutions (RCA) that may apply.

We advise companies

In building their strategic definitions, and the preparation and submission of documents to obtain legal permissions, from start to finish. We participate in the evaluation of requirements to enter the Environmental Impact Evaluation System (SEIA), and deliver guidance on the appropriate entry method, be it through Appropriation Enquiries, Environmental Impact Declarations (DIA) , Environmental Impact Studies (EIA) and/or Sectorial Environmental Licences (PAS).

We prepare, submit and obtain

Sectorial Environmental Licences (PAS), in areas like: drinking water, sewage systems, liquid/solid/hazardous waste disposal, for domestic and industrial applications, and any other requirements for the specific industrial sector (health, environmental etc.).

We can also act on behalf of the company or as a counterpart with third party suppliers, and also can provide independent opinion on environmental issues.